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Like most teenagers, I landed my first job at the age of 16. I spent my weekends working at a pawn shop in Phoenix, and let’s just say, it wasn’t the best experience. After that experience, I thought that the pawn business wasn’t for me, and so I made my way into the jewelry business where I was able to use the business skills I picked up at the pawn shop, but in a new and different way.


After 20+ years of working in jewelry, my wife and I were presented with an opportunity to own and run our own pawn shop. This pawn shop had been in the family for years and when presented with the opportunity, I knew it was my chance to finally run a pawn shop a little differently. We could take this small family owned and operated pawn shop and grow it into something unlike all the other pawn shops in town, including the one I once worked at as a kid! My wife was up to the challenge, so we packed our bags and built a life around Glendale Pawn & Jewelry.


30 years later, my wife and I now own the pawn shop while our daughter runs the day-to-day. We’re a true family owned and operated business, and we’ve grown to become one of the premier pawn shops here in Arizona.  We treat our customers like our own family, and we believe that is what keeps them coming back!


Our customers trust us to help them get the money they need whether through a pawn loan, sale, or by helping them purchase something unique and at a fair price. And when they pawn a valuable item, our customers know they’ll get it back—and in the same condition it came to us in! This is why people come back to us again and again, and why they continue to refer family and friends to us.


I could go on and on, but to really see and experience the difference that Glendale Pawn & Jewelry has to offer, come visit our store! From the moment you walk in you’ll know you’re not in your average pawn shop. Stop by today if you’re in the Phoenix area or call us at (623) 939-2107.

As I always say, “We’re glad you’re here!” –Stan

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